About us

Hanson Investments is a quality lead, national property investment firm within Birmingham, UK. Established in 2010, Hanson Investments have dozens of commercial properties locally and nationally across the UK with both national and international clientele.

Our aim is to build an ethical future within the property investment sector, ensuring that we support our tenants to the best of our abilities.

Hanson Investments is one of the leading property investment company in the UK, combing quality expertise with experience. Over our time in the industry the business has grown to become one of the most progressive, ethical and customer focused property investment and development companies in the UK. Specialising in both the commercial development sectors Hanson Investments manage our developments from end to end, ensuring high standards and world class quality at every stage.

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As a team we approach every challenge and opportunity with an open mind and a desire for a win-win solution. We tell the truth. We do right by people and we leave all whom we transact with better off than when we first met them. We are passionate about property and enjoy working in this life changing industry”.

Selecting the right assets is central to achieving dynamic investment performance. Therefore, we analyse every investment, taking into account location, local market conditions, physical condition and income quality.

Each investment is carefully monitored, to ensure we continually add value, and we regularly appraise each property in our portfolios and use active investment management to realise inherent value.

Our mission is to create long-term profitable investments for our investors through strategic asset growth and the capture of unique sustainable opportunities.